What do you get when using the services of a GEPARD FINANCE mortgage broker?

Would you like to acquire a new residence or modernise your existing one? Do you have insufficient funds? Would you like to make use of the benefits of longterm loans and favourable interest rates? If so, then you should start considering a mortgage. Would you like to use a bridging line of credit from building savings to finance your own residence, but are unsure which to choose? If so, it makes sense to make as careful of a selection as possible. It is not just by chance that more than 10,000 clients have arranged a credit agreement with a bank via GEPARD FINANCE. The complete portfolio of the Company's activities has exceeded CZK 17 billion in realised volumes of mortgage loans, which ranks GEPARD FINANCE among the top companies handling mortgages on the market and puts it ahead of certain domestic banks that provide mortgage loans.

Independence of GEPARD FINANCE

  • We serve you, our customers.
  • We can find an optimal solution for you.
  • We are absolutely impartial, and we guarantee the best possible terms at all of the mortgage banks with which we cooperate.

Financial savings

  • Take advantage of the best interest rate on the market.
  • Thanks to the large volume of transactions that we arrange with our partners, we are able to negotiate better terms for you than you could negotiate on your own.

Speed and comfort

  • You do not need to visit multiple banks, but instead you can get an overview in one place of all mortgage offers from all the banks on the market.
  • You will not be limited by banks' operating hours either, as we will agree on a schedule with you.
  • Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our brokers, who unlike you can devote 100% of their time to handling your mortgage needs, the entire process will be significantly speeded up.

Full administrative service

  • The broker will assess the advantages and disadvantages of various options, from which you can select the best offer.
  • We will negotiate the loan with the seller.
  • We will take care of all the formalities for you, including real estate appraisal, filing in the Real Estate Register, negotiations with banks, etc.
  • We will ensure problem-free drawing of the loan.

Permanent partnership

  • We will be with you for the duration of the payments, and we help you with any situations that may arise during the process of the mortgage pay off. Of course, all of these services are free of charge.

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